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Hardcore Features:

Feature :
- 90% Success Refining Rate until +20
- 50% Success Refining Rate up to +30
- Unlocked All Skills 7 to 207 original skill (When Character Created)
- Medium EXP/GOLD/DROP With Everyday BTG Event (Official Game System)
- New Create Charactor GUI.
- New Quest GUI.
- Extreme class to Gunner class.
- Max Level up to 500
- Max refine +30 with different color
- Bullet system
- Item Name color for each rare grade (General, valuable, etc)
- 8 Pet type
- Add party from Friend list (still bug)
- Add party from guild member list (still bug)
- Mouse effect
- Item drop glow effect
- New Slot for wing item
- More loker space (from 6x4 to 6x6)
- All newest and oldest costumes availble on game NPC. (Updated Version) Dedicated Server 24/7 Online
Hardcore Game Split Client Installer:

Use this Installer for those have trouble downloading the Full CLient try this split client installer,
put all this 6 parts in 1 folder Extract inside the folder to install the game.

How to download the files in sendspace.com:
(click the image to inlarge)
1. Click here to download --> HardcoreInstaller.part1.rar

2. Click here to download --> HardcoreInstaller.part2.rar

3. Click here to download --> HardcoreInstaller.part3.rar

4. Click here to download --> HardcoreInstaller.part4.rar

5. Click here to download --> HardcoreInstaller.part5.rar

6. Click here to download --> HardcoreInstaller.part6.rar